Our mission is to CREATE
stimuli and new furnishing solutions

Atelier Home & Hospitality is a new union between craftmanship and design

Atelier Home & Hospitality is a team of professionals of both design sector and craftmanship who had considerable experiences in different areas of the contract, hospitality, both furniture production and finishes in Italy, Europe, Africa and Asia. Nowadays it looks to the future by offering outstanding planning and services to the market for its brands management capacity.

We meet the needs of the different sectors in order to reach the main objective, where design meets craftmanship, where brand is the opportunity to go back and play again, where timing and budgeting become a goal and a working method. This is our mission.

Atelier Home & Hospitality is characterized by a unique reality, not only choices and market orientation but principles on which the corporate identity was built: experience, professionalism and concreteness.

We operate in the following areas of intervention:

Our goal is to provide the Clients with not what they want but what they have never dreamed. (Denys Ladsun)