About us

Persons at the service of other persons…

Atelier Home & Hospitality is a team of professionals of furniture design and architecture who had considerable experiences in different areas of the contract, hospitality, both furniture production and finishes in Italy, Europe, Africa and Asia. Nowadays it looks to the future by offering outstanding planning and services to the market for its brands management capacity.

We are accustomed to managing projects: building brick by brick, smoothing out edges, raking down walls, bridging people. “Among people” is the essential aspect of our role.
We match the needs of different sectors in order to reach a main objective with excellence and in time, where design meets craftmanship, where the brand is the opportunity to go back and play again, where timing and budgeting become a goal and a working method. This is our mission.

We work with:


Professionals with different competences and international origins in order to provide each project with their contributions.

Interior designer

Professionals who are always looking for new trends and excellent skills such as understanding needs, tastes and desires of Clients.

Building companies

We collaborate with valid and reliable building companies having different dimensions and we are able to choose the best company for each building site.


We know a lot of them and their value: plumbers, plasterboard installers, electricians, tilers, window and door manufacturers, blacksmiths, painters, stonemasons, interior decorators. Each of them carries out his work.

Furniture companies

We established lasting relationships with the most important Italian furniture manufactures along with some interesting European proposals.