What we do

It is a housing project, always ...
Excellence and competence at hand.

We create spaces where people are at ease. It is not so important if we are involved in your housing project until realization, furniture included, or only a new interior decoration, a concept creation of a boutique, hotel or a redesigning a building surface for new apartments, or both hotel and residential complex interior design. The matter is that those who use spaces will feel well and would stay there.

How we manage your project

Firstly, you decide what you like, secondly, you give us mandate and you can live your life.
You may decide if you want to be the main player of your project management or if you want to entrust us according to your tastes and needs.
Our task will be to manage the project, compare quotations, select suppliers and perhaps follow engineers, architects, site managers and workers in order to organize their timing and monitoring their works. We know how to get a secure result in terms of timing, costs, responsibilities.
We manage your housing project, you live its result. It is simple.

The sectors where we operate: