We are a team of professionals with more than twenty-year experience in both construction and design sectors of hotels, resorts, holiday homes, restaurants… As  Atelier Home & Hospitality, we operate at different levels. We sometimes start from the beginning, or our Clients have sometimes already engaged a specific architect for the project but they need the construction management only for coordinating workers for finishing. We provide flexibility, workers and skilled professionals, organizational skills and demonstrated ability to operate in order to meet the budget, obligations and deadlines.

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Generally, we work in two different ways. The first is a “Turnkey” solution when the Client approves the project and receives information when works are concluded in compliance with the established timing, obligations and budget. The second solution is about “Client Participation” when the client is willing to participate in the different choices and plays an active role. You can choose the Atelier Home & Hospitality services as follow:

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